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Therapy must be developed to suit the individual, not the individual to suit the therapy

At Sage Therapy Center, our team of gifted therapists are real people who have gone through many of the same struggles you are experiencing. And we are committed to guiding you along a path of happiness, clarity, and growth.

We offer premarital counseling, relationship counseling, marriage therapy, individual therapy, adolescent counseling, and child therapy in Carlsbad (2725 Jefferson St. Suite 4A Carlsbad).

SAGE stands for Self-Awareness, Growth, and Enlightenment. Are you ready to become a SAGE? Check out our San Diego therapy blog for guidance with any specific issues you may be experiencing, and know that we’re here for you if you need help!

We offer a holistic approach to psychotherapy, exploring physical symptoms as well as the social and mental factors that have created them. Our treatment style is as eclectic as the wide range of clients we see.

We blend a variety of techniques to offer a comprehensive therapy program designed especially for you. Some of the techniques we offer include: Lifespan Integration, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Cognitive-behavioral theory, IMAGO, Experiential theory, Art therapy, Psychodynamic theory, and Attachment theory.

By utilizing only the techniques best suited to you, we can help foster closer, more meaningful relationships between you and your loved ones, create inner peace, and replace unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with new, healthier ones that allow you to achieve your life goals.

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