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Career counseling in Carlsbad

Career counseling in Carlsbad can help you solve work and career issues and find a balance with career and life.

Work and career issues can cause a constant unsettling uneasiness. Your career is your identity – it shapes your life’s purpose, and when complications in your career can and do occur, as they often do, it can consume a person psychologically and make them question everything. Fear, anxiety, grumpiness, and an uneasy pressure in the stomach are symptoms that people commonly describe when dealing with career-related issues. Lack of sleep happens when the stress of work takes over, further aggravating the problem and making it even more difficult to perform focused work.

Success – Work – Stress

Many of us feel that success at our work is necessary – regardless of the cost. As a result, we sacrifice our health, relationships and social life just to advance our career. The situation can become worse if we cope with the stress of work in a way that harms us.

Therapy – Support

Fortunately, having a therapist to discuss work or career related issues is a very healthy activity that will help you look at your career development objectively. Emotions like stress keep you locked into a reactive state that makes management of career and work issues even more difficult – and your productivity suffers as a result. If you’re dealing with stress from work, consider speaking with a therapist from Sage Therapy Center. We can provide support and help you find a balance that will benefit both your career and every other area of your life.