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Triggers, Powerless, Hopeless – PTSD

Trauma / PTSD therapy in Carlsbad

Emotional trauma can occur when a person is exposed to a tragic and unexpected event that they are unprepared for and have no power to prevent. If something traumatic happens to you, it can take a long time to heal the pain and feel safe again. People who undergo emotional trauma often struggle with upsetting and irrational emotions, frightening memories, and an inability to trust or connect with other people.

Transformation – Moving on from Past Traumatic Experience(s)

The good news is that it is possible to move on from a traumatic experience – and therapy, along with support from family and friends, can greatly accelerate the healing process. If you’ve suffered a traumatic experience that has holding you back from knowing happiness, then you need not suffer another day. Let the healing process begin. At Sage Therapy Center we can help you come to terms with your traumatic experience and help start you on the path towards recovery.