Marriage & Pre-Marriage Counseling

Develop Healthier Relationships

The divorce rate in the US is 50% for first marriages and even higher for second and third marriages…

So don’t wait until your relationship is heading toward a crisis to start marriage counseling!

As your “relationship coach,” we will help you and your partner see past the hurt or disconnect to reach more satisfaction, connection and security in your relationship. With our help, you can move beyond the pain to release emotional blocks and develop healthier communication and negotiation skills.

Our San Diego therapist work is influenced by the work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and IMAGO (author of Getting the Love You Want and Giving the Love that Heals), John Gottman, Ph. D. (author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work), in addition to our own extensive experience working with couples.

Premarriage Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling is a wonderful way to damage-proof a relationship BEFORE marital trouble takes its toll. We will help you reach a deep level of connection and commitment before you take your vows.

Children and marital discord

Where did your patterns come from? Your relationship is often a model for your children and can profoundly influence how they behave in their own future relationships.

Separation / Divorce

Ending a relationship can be a difficult and painful process, particularly if there are custody and child-rearing issues. Bitter separations and divorces hurt both partners and create deep mistrust that can adversely impact your relationship with your child, as well as any present or future intimate relationships your child may have.

If you have decided to end your relationship, we can provide structured San Diego therapist support for a compassionate and appropriate closure.

Marriage Counseling in Carlsbad