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I am Who I am…

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Living in a World of Constant Judgement…

It can be difficult to be gay in this straight world. Statistics show that the rate of depression is much higher among the homosexual population than the heterosexual population.

You are Important!

We offer gay-affirmative individual and couples therapy. What this means is that we don’t view homosexuality, bisexuality, and other variations in sexual orientation as problems, but instead support your sexual identity. Your sexuality is important, but it is neither focused on, nor ignored.

Stages of Acceptance…

Most people go through 6 stages as they progress toward sexual acceptance. When working with people where sexuality is an issue we know that it is important to understand what stage or stages your in currently.

The stages of homosexual identity formation are as follows:

  1. Identity Awareness – The point when the child or adolescent begins to realize that he/she has feelings that are different from other people and from what they are being taught.
  2. Identity PrideAnger toward society, parents, friends, religion or others who refuse to accept their sexuality
  3. Identity Synthesis – when homosexuality becomes a part of who you are, not the defining factor for your life.
  4. Identity Comparison – The person doesn’t understand why his/her feelings are different from their peers, parents, siblings, and society.
  5. Identity Tolerance – The person rebels against his/her feelings and attempts to deny them.
  6. Identity Acceptance – The person begins to embrace his/her sexuality and all the positives and difficulties that go with it.

Aside from issues arising from the first 5 stages defined above, treatment for homosexual clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems isn’t any different from heterosexual clients.

We can help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Men who have difficulty forming or sustaining intimate relationships
  • Lesbian, male couples who are going through a difficult time in the relationship
  • People living with HIV/AIDS, or other life threatening illnesses
  • People whose partners have HIV/AIDS, or other life threatening illnesses
  • Gay widowers who are dealing with the death of their partner