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Anxiety, Worry, Stress…

Worry can be a normal, appropriate response to some life situations. But, what if you worry too much? When your level of stress or anxiety interferes with work, school, relationships, or causes you to be unable to lead a normal life, you probably have an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders can manifest differently in different people. Some of us have panic or anxiety attacks (Panic Disorder), other people struggle with specific situations or fears (phobias), and a separate group of people may even have continual thoughts or behaviors they can’t stop (Obsessesive-compulsive Disorder), to name a few. Symptoms of anxiety can appear emotionally, possibly as feelings of panic, restlessness or irritability, or even physically, sometimes as heart palpitations, sore muscles, and difficulty sleeping.

Whether you live in a constant state of tension or struggle with a specific phobia, we can help you overcome your anxiety and enjoy a calmer, more normal life.



We will help you:

  • Eliminate excessive worry about both the big and small stuff in life
  • Enjoy relationships without fear
  • Have self-confidence
  • Get rid of obsessive thoughts and rituals
  • Relax and feel calmer
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Enjoy the joyful things in life!