Teen Counseling

Adolescence is a Tumultuous Time

Adolescence is a Tumultuous Time … our teen counseling can help

Is your teen moody? Does he or she lash out unpredictably? Adolescence is a tumultuous time – for both parents and teens! Teens struggle with so many difficult issues, things like identity and self-esteem problems, sexuality and body image issues, peer pressure and the need to “fit in.”

As teens transition into adulthood, they often wonder: “Who am I?” The anger, sadness, fear, shame, and frustration they may feel can be incredibly overwhelming. These emotions often mask even more painful feelings.

We can teach adolescents productive coping mechanisms, so they learn to deal with their emotions in healthy ways instead of behaving rebelliously or destructively.

Let us help you and your adolescent make a smooth transition through this new phase of life.

Teen Counseling North County San Diego

We will help both the parents and teen:

  • Understand why your teen acts out with rebellious, stubborn behaviors
  • Learn to express their feelings and desires productively
  • Validate and empathize with your teen
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Reduce destructive behaviors
  • Create closer, more trusting family relationships