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Addiction can Lead to…

An addiction can make no sense at all logically. A person can lose their job, spouse, friends, family, health, or home due to an addiction. Addictions often provide brief momentary pleasure but at a great cost to the user. Without treatment or engaging in recovery activities, addictions will progress and sometimes lead to disability or premature death.

Addiction takes on MANY FORMS…

An addiction can take many forms, and manifest itself in different ways. Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, heroin cross the blood-brain barrier of a person’s brain, creating both a physical and psychological dependence on the substance. However, anything that a person becomes psychologically dependent on, despite negative consequences, can be considered an addiction: such as gambling, food, sex, internet, or pornography.

Struggling with Addition? There is HELP!

If you are struggling with an addiction, there is help. Through professional treatment we can help you manage a harmful addiction and control the desire. With therapy, you can start to leave your craving behind and replace it with a healthy positive desire and renewed sense of purpose.